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Polypeptide ordering Guide
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    Polypeptide ordering Guide

    You can order peptides from Chengdu suno bio in any way:

    • e-mail order: customers send formal order of polypeptide to our mailbox roleagh@gmail.com Confirm the peptide customization order. We will confirm the order by email, fax or telephone within 24 hours
    • Fax Order: customers send formal order of polypeptide to our company. Fax: 86-28-88203630. You can ask for the contract documents from our sales engineers, fill them out and affix the valid official seal, and then fax them to 86-28-88203630. Our customer service staff will confirm the order contract with you within half an hour.
    • online browsing and ordering: you can directly visit the product catalog page of the enterprise website for product browsing Browse, click the relevant product links you are interested in, click online consultation at the bottom of the product detailed introduction page, and enter your requirements. We will contact you after receiving your order information
    • online search and order: you can search our products through the product search function, and then click online consultation at the bottom of the relevant product detailed introduction page, and enter your requirements. We will contact you after receiving your order information
    • online customization: you can also order by clicking customer customization, inputting the required product information, and clicking submit.
    • telephone order process: you can call the sales number 86-28-88203630 to tell us the sequence, quantity and purity of peptide you need. Our sales staff will give you a quotation within 24 hours, and call you to discuss the price, packaging and other contents. At the same time, we will make a contract to you in the form of fax or email. After you confirm the content of the contract, we will arrange production and delivery for you according to the contract until the contract is fulfilled

    For more information, please email to roleagh@gmail.com

    Chengdu Shengnuo Biopharm Co., Ltd
    TEL: 86-28-88203630
    FAX: 86-28-88203630
    Mail: roleagh@gmail.com

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