Opportunities and challenges of raw material preparation integration in post epidemic situation

Opportunities and challenges of raw material preparation integration in post epidemic situation

CEO of Chuhong

Nowadays, it is a new development pattern with domestic big cycle as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other. In such a form, it promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the innovation internationalization of China.

In this situation, the integration of raw materials and preparations is an inevitable trend, which will face some opportunities and challenges. At present, there are four main challenges: first, industrial backflow; second, the success of Anda does not represent the market success, but will face the challenge of sales; third, challenge patents and technical barriers, especially high-end preparation technology;

fourth, the internationalization positioning of small and medium-sized enterprises is even more challenging, such as how to choose products and how to realize returns. We hope that enterprises can make high-quality development, build their own characteristic technology platform, and pursue the continuous improvement of product quality and cost competitive advantage.

Cdmo business helps global new drug research and development

Chairman Lu Xi

Lingkai pharmaceutical was established in 2011, and its headquarters and R & D center are located in Pudong New Area International Medical Park, Shanghai. The company’s main business segments are divided into three parts: customized pharmaceutical intermediates, CMO / cdmo services and new drug molecular blocks.

Currently, there are 17 preclinical R & D projects, which are mainly incubated on the existing platform. In the later stage, it will lay out about 8 bases throughout the country. With internationalization as the goal, Lingkai will do something difficult for others, which is the positioning of Lingkai in the future.

Opportunities and challenges from intermediate to API to cdmo

President Chen Zhihong

From intermediates to APIs, there are four main challenges: continuous strengthening of safety and environmental protection supervision, rising raw materials and labor costs, increasingly fierce industry competition and higher quality requirements.

From generic drugs to contract R & D and production, the challenges are: process development and optimization, from laboratory grade to commercial ton level, quality research and registration regulations of new drug development, EHS and quality need to reach international advanced level, efficient supply chain management, project management and IP protection.

Mr. Chen said that to do a good job in cdmo, advanced technology is inseparable. In the process of transformation, cdmo enterprises need to have excellent capabilities in advanced technology, legal compliance, modern production, business development, project management and IP protection.

Finally, the paper shared three experiences of pharmaceutical enterprises’ transformation and upgrading, talents with professional ability and experience, core technology of competitiveness, and management process and system suitable for enterprise development.

Development status and trend of polypeptide cdmo industry

Dr. Li Xiang

Polypeptide drugs have great potential and are developing rapidly. There are many kinds of polypeptide drugs, and the success rate of clinical development is high. On the other hand, the peptide drug targets are increasing, the production technology is maturing, and the structure space of patent medicine is expanding rapidly. Mr. Li shared in detail the situation of polypeptide cro / cdmo in the world, among which middle peptide is a strong point in polypeptide cro / cdmo.

Chinese peptide has the core advantages of international leading team, world-class peptide drug development, production capacity, the highest international standards and meeting the international requirements for new drug research and development.

Sinochem, a foreign trade leader, transformed into a first-class cdmo platform

General manager ban Yan

With a professional team and 33 years of international pharmaceutical business experience, zhongninghua group has completed the global business of intermediates, APIs, preparations, diagnostic reagents, epidemic prevention materials, etc.

In addition, it also received the support of QA and EHS expert team, registration team, QC and R & D, and successfully completed the transformation. After choosing this road, we also feel the vitality of this industry. Finally, we hope that zhongninghua will bring better services to you in the future development process.

Countermeasures and development of chemical related enterprises under the situation of strict national security and environmental protection

Zou Ping, CEO

Mr. Zou first put forward several essential issues around the “chemical renovation”, and then analyzed from three aspects: policy arrangement, three wastes treatment, response and development strategy. “Chemical renovation” is an important measure of supply side reform, which is not only a reform, but also a revolution.

However, the development trend of energy conservation and emission reduction is that pretreatment technology is developing towards microbiological direction, and post-treatment technology is striving towards tolerant bacteria.

Enterprises should deal with the crisis of transformation and upgrading from three aspects: clear purpose, reasonable site selection, long-term planning, compliance with laws and regulations, understanding policies and complying with the trend. In addition, enterprises should keep pace with the times in terms of production equipment and technology.

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