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Polypeptide APIs Drug

Polypeptide APIs drug and raw material production workshop, Polypeptide APIs drug synthesis preparation workshop, engineering technology center, staff dormitory, and public works matching production, etc. The building area is about 11,000 square meters, and more than 200 sets of new equipment have been added.

Polypeptide APIs research:China Chendu Shengnuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd which is mainly engaged in the research of polypeptide, polypeptide drug. Our 0 defect has passed the FDA certification, and has become the first-class professional polypeptide drug and product development and large-scale production and export industry in China .

The company produces 1.5 tons of polypeptide API, 400 million tablets (granules) of solid preparation, 36 million bottles of freeze-dried powder injection and small-volume injection, 5 million bottles of pre-filled injection and 5 million bottles of card type injection.

The company cooperates closely with foreign pharmaceutical polypeptide industry, cooperates with a polypeptide manufacturing enterprise in India, trains and directs employees of Indian factories, all of which use our own technology;

maintains contacts and exchanges with internationally renowned polypeptide technology research units, and studies the structure and function of biotechnological drugs from various angles and in depth for further application. Accumulate scientific data and lay a solid foundation.

Polypeptide APIs

Shengnuo biotechnology, producing peptide raw materials and peptide preparations, such as scope: peptides for skin, copper peptides, peptide synthesis, peptide hormones, peptide medicine, beauty peptide, peptide medicine product, peptide technology transfer, peptide technology service, peptide large scale production, export of peptide, thymopentin for peptide Injection、 Thymalfasin for Injection 、 Bivalirudin 、Bulk Drug、 Liraglutide …… The company mainly supplies peptide raw materials for research, medicine, treatment and beauty products.

Product NameUS-DMF No.WC
BivalirudinDMF 25531YES
EptifibatideDMF 27651YES
LiraglutideDMF 29302YES
Icatibant AcetateDMF 28496YES
Octreotide AcetateDMF 30249YES
Teriparatide AcetateDMF 32144
Ziconotide AcetateDMF 33139
Lanreotide Acetate

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    How many companies are there in peptide api manufacturer in china? The peptide api market is very promising, and the world is encouraging the development of peptide business. There is a peptide api list on the website, which contains various specifications of peptide APIs for customers to choose from. Shengnuo Technology is a peptide api manufacturer located in Chengdu, a city in southwest China. Not only peptide APIs, but also carnosine custom suppliers and cosmetic peptide suppliers

    There are many peptide apis manufacture in China, but they are all small-scale companies. The China peptide company such as Sinotech is a leading company in China and has a very high position.
    As a Chinese peptide company, Sinotech has been working silently, hoping to become a top peptide company in the world. There are many countries producing peptides in the world, such as bulk drug substance in India, gmp custom peptide in uk, and peptide production in usa. So what is polypeptide? What kind of peptide synthesis supplier should you choose? Follow our website:, here will tell you the answer.

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