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Lecture hall of polypeptide knowledge

As a polypeptide expert, Professor Rao gave a vivid speech on the knowledge of protein nutrition, peptide structure and physiological function. He gradually extended the important role of protein for human body from the seven nutrients needed by human body.

Professor Rao said that protein, as an important part of all cells and tissues in the human body, accounts for 20% of the total body mass, which determines the absorption and utilization rate of other nutrients. The functions of this nutrient in the human body include:

(1) The structural substances that make up the cells, tissues and organs of the human body;

(2) Maintain the basic functions of the human body, such as: development, growth, metabolism, immunity, reproduction, etc;

(3) Participate in regulating various physiological activities of human body;

(4) Provide the energy the human body needs.

Protein is so important, what kind of internal structure makes it play such a big role? Professor Rao also answered the questions for the staff at the scene. It turns out that the most basic unit of protein is amino acid, the arrangement of different amino acids is called amino acid sequence, and the most basic structure of protein is peptide chain.

The peptide chain of protein forms different spatial structure. Different amino acid sequence and different spatial structure form thousands of different proteins, and they have different functions and functions.

There are as many as 22 kinds of amino acids, including essential amino acids, semi essential amino acids and nonessential amino acids. Among the essential amino acids, 8 kinds cannot be synthesized by human body and need to be supplemented by external intake to meet the nutritional needs of human body, so the human body needs to supplement protein.

With the further development of scientific research, scientists have found a new structural substance in the experiment. They are neither protein nor amino acid, but a substance between amino acid and protein. What is this substance? What’s the effect?

“This is the origin of peptide”, Professor Rao continued. In 1902, British scientists first discovered peptide substance cholecystokinin in an experiment. Then, through continuous experiments, they found various peptide substances and their physiological functions.

Polypeptides can be named dipeptides, tripeptides, tetrapeptides and so on according to the amount of amino acids. However, due to the variety of amino acids, not all amino acids are called polypeptides. At present, the scientific community refers to oligopeptides with 2-10 amino acids, peptides with 10-50-100 amino acids, and proteins with more than 100 amino acids.

What are the physiological regulatory functions of peptides? Professor Rao said: “polypeptides regulate the growth, development, immunity, metabolism, exercise, endocrine, reproduction, nerves and other physiological functions of the human body.

For example, insulin and glucagon have a regulatory effect on blood glucose; angiotensin-converting hormone and angiostatin have a regulatory effect on human blood pressure; growth hormone and somatostatin have a regulatory effect on human growth. “

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