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Shengnuo Peptide is a global leader in custom peptide manufacturing. Our combination of US FDA audited manufacturing facilities and incredible pricing makes us an ideal peptide CMO for organizations seeking high quality peptides. With the ability to produce nearly any sequence, at any scale (R&D or cGMP), we truly represent our motto: “Your Global Peptide Partner.”

Custom Peptide Synthesis

US FDA Audited

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The company was founded in 2001 in Chengdu, China, with the primary goal of meeting the domestic Chinese markets need for peptide APIs as well as cGMP and research grade custom peptide manufacturing. Since its inception, Shengnuo has always focused on delivering high quality peptide products above and beyond customers’ expectations. This founding principle has catapulted Shengnuo to a dominant position in the Chinese peptide API market, boasting a >70% market share in Thymopentin and Somatostatin. As of 2013, our campus covers 17 acres, over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space and has more than 300 employees. Our combination of competitive pricing and high quality has made Shengnuo a leading global contract manufacturer of peptides by solid-phase chemistry.

Besides serving the domestic Chinese market, Shengnuo produces peptides and peptide API’s for a robust global network of customers. As a direct result of international growth, our production facility passed a US FDA audit in May 2012 with no Form 483 observations. to directly serve the needs of customers in western markets. our strives to provide the best value in the peptide CRO/CMO space for our customers.

polypeptide manufacturers
polypeptide manufacturers

Our talented staff of chemists can synthesize nearly any peptide (dyes, labels, modifications, libraries, single sequences, arrays, etc.) under both non-GMP and/or cGMP conditions. The ability to provide diverse services makes Shengnuo an ideal manufacturing partner for pharmaceutical and drug development organizations.

our company has more than a decade of experience in peptide manufacturing and process/analytical development. By working directly with international customers, Shengnuo is able to reduce costs, speed up delivery times and provide superior customer service. Contact our sales team to find out how we can save you time and money on your next peptide project.

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Shengnuo Biotechnology is a high-tech China polypeptide manufacturers,who has over 19 years experience for the biotechnology .Our Products involve peptide raw materials,polypeptide drug.

Our 0 defect has passed the FDA certification, and has become the first-class professional polypeptide drug and product development and large-scale production and export industry in China .

Our service scope:peptide synthesis、peptide hormones、peptide medicine、beauty peptide、peptide medicine product、peptide technology transfer、peptide technology service、peptide large-scale production、export of peptide

Thymopentin for Injection、 Thymalfasin for Injection 、 Bivalirudin 、Bulk Drug、 Liraglutide ……

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