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    Polypeptide classification

    The indications of some listed peptide drugs Bai are classified as follows:

    • DuAllergy, infection and immunity:thymopentin, thymopentin, Dao grammer, and amlustine
    • tumors: leuprorelin, goserelin, plenessee, sittrek, digarek, abaric
    • bone and connective tissue: human calcitonin, salmon calcitonin, calcitonin, tripatide
    • cardiovascular class: nesiritide, etibatide, etibant, capecitabine
    • metabolism: hyperglycemia, exenatide, liraglutide, pranlinide
    • Fertility defects: nafarilin, atidil, sithrek, ganerik
    • Gastrointestinal: octreotide, somatostatin, terlipressin
    • Blood: romistine, bivalirudin
    • gynecology or obstetrics: atoxicam, carbetoxin
    • Urinary system: adepidil, desmopressin
    • Pain class: zikonotide
    • Endocrine class: lanrelide
    • Central nervous system: tatirellin

    The business mainly includes customized peptide, polypeptide cro, beauty polypeptide, polypeptide API, polypeptide generic preparation and polypeptide innovative drug.

    Polypeptide drugs may replace more and more existing drugs in the near future and become one of the important directions of new drug research and development of pharmaceutical companies. Polypeptide drugs are one of the hot spots in the field of new drug research in the post genomic era.

    New development direction of peptide drugs

    In the past, the innovation of polypeptide drugs in China was mostly at the level of preparation, basically focusing on sustained-release technologies such as microspheres. In fact, in recent years, there have been many new technologies in the field of peptide innovative drugs, such as multi-functional peptides, peptide drug coupling drugs, membrane penetrating peptides and so on, which provide strong technical support for peptide innovation.

    ① Multifunctional polypeptide drugs

    Multifunctional polypeptide is the coupling of multiple polypeptide functional sites, so as to play a variety of functions, and improve the effectiveness of indications and drug formation. Compared with single peptide, simultaneous activation of different signaling mechanisms maximizes bioactivity benefits, minimizes side effects, and provides more balanced pharmacokinetic characteristics. At present, most of these studies are developed by large foreign pharmaceutical companies, including Lilly, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, etc.; in China, the only multi-functional peptide drug in China is mccoort, whose first bifunctional peptide drug has been carried out clinical trial research in the United States.

    ② Peptide drug coupling drugs

    Polypeptide drug coupling drug (PDC) is a new type of drug coupling drug, which can couple cell targeted peptide with drug molecules to enhance drug targeting, improve effectiveness and reduce adverse reactions. Compared with the antibody drug coupling drug (ADC), the antibody drug (ADC) is a new drug It can be rapidly eliminated by the kidney and has lower toxicity to bone marrow and liver. Unlike phage, adenovirus or other microorganisms used for drug delivery, this vector does not contain infectious substances. At present, there are few enterprises in this direction, and Tongyi Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) has carried out clinical trials of the first peptide drug coupling new drug.

    ③ Cell penetrating peptide

    Cell penetrating peptides (CPPS) are a kind of polypeptides which are composed of no more than 30 amino acid residues and can pass through the cell membrane directly. These compounds are all polypeptide fragments with positive charge, which are rich in basic amino acid residues such as arginine and lysine, and their secondary structures all have the spatial conformation of α – helix. Based on these characteristics, PEP-1 and mpg, which have stronger penetration and higher efficiency, have been synthesized, and they have successfully carried active substances (such as small molecule drugs, peptides, proteins, siRNAs, nanoparticles) into cells to play biological activities. Some scholars call these peptides protein transduction domain or Trojan horse peptides. Cell penetrating peptides can effectively promote the transdermal absorption of biomacromolecule drugs, which has great value in targeted preparations, transdermal drug delivery preparations and cosmetics, and can significantly improve the bioavailability of drugs.

    ④ Personalized peptide vaccine

    The difference between tumor cells and normal cells can be described by thousands of differences, but the most fundamental difference is due to the mutation of tumor cells. Many tumor cells have different mutations, and some mutations are presented to the surface of tumor cells through MHC, and then recognized by TCR of T cells, which directly kill tumor cells. Such mutant peptides are called new antigen “neoantigen”.

    ⑤ High end preparations

    Due to the short half-life of polypeptide drugs, it is very meaningful to upgrade the existing peptide drugs. At present, the improvement of polypeptide drugs abroad is generally long-term injection products, such as preparation of polypeptide liposomes, peptide microspheres, polyethylene glycol modification, fusion protein or subcutaneous implantation; the other is to bypass injection, oral administration, transdermal delivery and inhalation.

    National peptide biology mainly provides: peptide synthesis, peptide customization, isotope labeled peptide, artificial insulin, phosphate peptide, biotin labeled peptide, fluorescent labeled peptide (Cy3, Cy5, FITC, AMC, etc.), catalog peptide, coupling protein (KLH, BSA, ova, etc.), beauty peptide, cosmetic peptide, peptide library construction, antibody service, glycopeptide, subscription peptide, drug peptide, RGD peptide, etc

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