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    Polypeptide production technology

    Production method

    development history

    Solid phase synthesis of polypeptide

    With the development of science and technology, the methods of peptide production are also developing. In the 1950s and 1960s, peptides were mainly obtained from animal organs. For example, thymosin is produced by slaughtering the newly born calf, cutting off its thymus, and then separating the peptide from calf thymus by vibration separation biotechnology to make thymosin injection. The thymosin is mainly used in human immunity. Now, this peptide has been eliminated. “Mad cow disease” was once prevalent in the world. This virus mainly engulfs proteins in the brain of animals and destroys brain tissues, cells and nerves. Once the human body is infected with this virus, it is more terrible than suffering from cancer, and eventually becomes a “vegetative person” or dies soon. There are also peptides extracted from human blood, which have great side effects. It is not only easy to infect human body with hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, HIV, STD virus, but also have rejection allergic reaction. Once this reaction occurs, life is in danger.

    Several methods

    Solid phase synthesis and liquid phase synthesis

    There is one company in Silicon Valley that uses this method to produce peptides. They mainly purchase amino acids produced by some fine chemical plants in the world as raw materials to synthesize a single peptide, which is an intermediate of pharmaceutical raw materials. It is mainly used in the formulation of Western medicine to enhance the efficacy and enhance the absorption speed and absorption rate of the drug.

    Acid hydrolysis or alkali hydrolysis

    This peptide is mainly found in Japan. Soybean polypeptide produced by acid hydrolysis is a kind of food additive. It is mainly used in food for the elderly and children. Its purpose is to enhance the absorption of food nutrition by these two groups of people. Japan and China are the only countries in the world with soybean peptides. However, the raw materials, hydrolysis methods and product properties are quite different. The raw material used in Japan is soybean meal, and the hydrolysis method is acid method. The acidic chemical substances produced in the peptide are difficult to be removed, and they have bitter taste. Therefore, activated carbon is required to absorb and debitter, and the active carbon will inevitably invade the peptide body.

    Bioactive peptides produced by enzymatic method

    The bioactive peptide was produced by enzymatic method. This peptide is mainly produced in China, which represents the level and trend of peptide research, development, production and innovation in the world. The bioactive peptide produced by enzymatic method is to hydrolyze the food protein of human body into small molecule active polypeptide with food grade plant protease which is needed by human body. Because of its biological activity and diversity, it has attracted worldwide attention and become a hot spot in the world.

    For example, “soybean polypeptide” produced by Wuhan jiushengtang uses soybean protein isolate with a content of more than 90%. The hydrolysis method is enzymatic method, and the enzyme used is food grade plant protease. The “soybean polypeptide” produced has no bitterness and pleasant flavor, and has no toxic and side effects on human body. The product is a terminal product, which is listed as a free funded project by China Innovation Fund, and has realized industrial production. Its terminal product “soybean peptide” oral liquid is the first soybean peptide terminal product produced by enzymatic method in the world.

    Synthesis process

    Peptide synthesis

    The specific synthesis consists of the following cycles:

    Remove protection

    The columns and monomers protected by Fmoc must be removed by using an alkaline solvent (piperidine).

    Activation and crosslinking

    The carboxyl group of the next amino acid is activated by an activator. HBTU / hctu / hitu / Hatu + NMM / dipea or HOBt + DIC are commonly used as activators in chemical process. The activated monomer reacts with free amino group to form peptide bond. In this step, a large number of super concentration reagents are used to drive the reaction. Circulation: these two steps of reaction are repeated until the synthesis is completed. After the condensation of amino acids, appropriate amount of TFA can be used for elution. According to the acidity and alkalinity, 10% TFA / DCM solution can be selected to 100% TFA, and so on. (Note: this method is based on personal synthetic experience and there is no literature available for reference. Limited knowledge, please refer carefully)

    HPLC analysis and purification

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