API workshop also passed the on-site GMP inspection of FDA in May 2012 with “zero defect”

ShengNuo Technology R&D Center Project construction content

New Polypeptide APIs production workshop, polypeptide drug synthesis preparation workshop, engineering technology center, staff dormitory, and public works matching production, etc. The building area is about 11,000 square meters, and more than 200 sets of new equipment have been added.

ShengNuo Technology R&D Center Construction scale

The company produces 1.5 tons of polypeptide API, 400 million tablets (granules) of solid preparation, 36 million bottles of freeze-dried powder injection and small-volume injection, 5 million bottles of pre-filled injection and 5 million bottles of card type injection.

ShengNuo Technology R & D patents

Invention patents:
(1) [2 – [5 – (2-chloropyridoxy)] methyl] azacyclobutane polypeptide derivative and its applicationpatent No.: zl02113590.8
(2) Meloxicam orally disintegrating tablets and its preparation methodpatent No.: zl200310111142.7
(3) Bambuterol hydrochloride orally disintegrating tablets and its preparation methodpatent No.: zl200310111140.8
(4) Compound with antitumor activity and preparation methodpatent No.: zl201010180618.2
(5) Preparation method of bivalirudinpatent No.: zl201110170669.1
(6) Cysteine derivative and its preparation method and applicationpatent No.: zl201110151922.9
(7) A preparation method of efebartpatent No.: zl201210025197.5
(8) A method for synthesis of liraglutidepatent No.: zl201410265582.6
(9) A method for synthesizing linalootidepatent No.: zl201510314459.3
(10) A method for the synthesis of lisilalaipatent No.: zl201510315186.4
(11) A method for the synthesis of pareptidepatent No.: zl201410837093.3
(12) A method for the synthesis of tidurotidepatent No.: zl201510274924.5
(13) A method for the synthesis of sinapride
(14) A method for the synthesis of z2015102
(15) Thymosin α 1 injection and its preparation methodpatent No.: zl200610020134.5
(16) The preparation method of enfoviridepatent No.: zl201110140173. X
(17) A preparation method of bivalirudinpatent No.: zl201210030956.7
(18) Preparation method of liraglutidepatent No.: zl201310201411.2
(19) Preparation method of grantirelpatent No.: zl201310200501. X
(20) Preparation method of capecitabinepatent No.: zl201310200501. X
(21) preparation method of exenatidepatent No.: zl201310201952.5
(22) a method for synthesizing ganerikpatent No.: zl201410596912. X
(23) a method for synthesis of digarekpatent No.: zl201610136374.5
(24) a method for synthesizing carbetoxinpatent No.: zl201610728294.9
Utility model patents:
(1) A new sterilization device for appliancepatent No.: zl201822095748.0
(2) A new type of sterile clothing sterilization workshoppatent No.: zl201822095747.6
(3) A steam sterilization device for freeze-drying preparation productionpatent No.: zl201822095746.1
(4) The invention relates to a diluting device for polypeptide technical drugpatent No.: zl201822095740.4
(5) A dry heat sterilization cabinet for pharmaceutical productionpatent No.: zl201822095739.1
(6) A device for cleaning and disinfecting utensilspatent No.: zl201822094710.1
(7) A distilled water extraction device for polypeptide preparation productionpatent No.: zl201822094706.5
(8) A drying device for injection preparation productionpatent No.: zl201822094692.7
(9) A lamp inspection device for injection quality inspectionpatent No.: zl201822094691.2

Other Polypeptide APIs Products

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Polypeptide APIs Products
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