Shengnuo Biotechnology IPO: a small number of domestic high-tech enterprises with peptide drug research and industrial transformation capabilities

Chengdu Shengnuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shengnuo Biotechnology) was established in July 2001, located in Dayi Economic Development Zone, Sichuan Province.

With advanced and efficient peptide drug technology research and development and large-scale production capacity, the company is a domestic first-class peptide drug and amino acid drug R & D and production enterprise specializing in the research and development of amino acids, peptide drugs and new drug formulations.

Since its establishment, Shengnuo Biotechnology has attached great importance to technological innovation.

The company’s R & D center has established a R & D laboratory for new peptide drugs, peptide raw materials and related peptide products in line with the drug laboratory management standards, It also has a large number of advanced R & D equipment, including the full-automatic cs936 series peptide synthesizer imported from the United States, Switzerland, Japan and other countries,

Agilent liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, Watson ultra performance liquid chromatography, PE polarimeter, Shimadzu TOC International advanced special equipment, such as analyzer, various types of preparative liquid chromatography system and various specifications of dynamic axial compression column system (DAC).

In 2011, the company’s R & D center was recognized as Chengdu peptide drug engineering technology research center by Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau.

In January 2014, Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology organized experts to demonstrate and pass the review, upgrading the company’s engineering technology center to “Sichuan peptide drug engineering technology research and development center”.

At the same time, Shengnuo Biotechnology  R & D center currently consists of process R & D department, quality R & D department, international registration department, preparation development department and other departments.

Each department performs its own duties, coordinates and cooperates, and effectively ensures the fluency and high efficiency of new product development from project approval, process quality research, small-scale test, pilot test, large-scale production and product registration.

A coordinated R & D mechanism including information collection, feasibility analysis, project approval and R & D process management has been formed.

In the process of R & D from small-scale trial to large-scale process, an efficient overall R & D plan has been formed to effectively link up R & D achievements, promote the integrated R & D of API and preparation products, and accelerate the progress of product application and listing.

As one of the few companies with peptide drug research and industrial transformation capabilities in China, Shengnuo Biotechnology has successively established “Shengnuo Biotechnology  Sichuan University peptide drug research and development joint laboratory” and “Sichuan peptide drug engineering technology research center” with Sichuan University. Mr. Wen Yongjun, chief scientist and chairman of the board of directors of the company, has advanced research experience in polypeptide drugs.

He has completed the industrialization transformation of thymopentin, the first polypeptide drug in China, and won the “outstanding contribution award for polypeptide application” at the 10th and 12th International polypeptide conferences.