Polypeptide APIs Production Capacity

Polypeptide APIs Production Equipment

Polypeptide APIs Synthesis Reactors


HPLC Polypeptide Preparation Columns

100mm 200mm 300mm 450mm

Polypeptide APIs Annual Capacity

Bivalirudin180 to 240Kg/year
Liraglutide 20 to 50Kg/year
Eptifibatide 20 to 50Kg/year
Icatibant Acetate 20 to 50Kg/year
Octreotide Acetate 20 to 50Kg/year

Other Polypeptide APIs Products

peptide synthesis companies

Polypeptide APIs Products
Beauty peptides
Chinese cGMP APIs
Mexico Registered APIs
Research Peptide APIs for Regulatory Market
Polypeptide Preparation
Kaijie bio medicine Peptide APIs

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