Custom peptides in life: application of peptides in beauty

With the development of the times, women play an increasingly important role in society.

Modern women are under pressure from society, family and tradition. Busy work pressure and irregular life and rest, so that many female friends appear a variety of sub-health symptoms.

And the most intuitive consequences of sub-health, will make the bright face suddenly appear a lot of yellow spots, spots, dry skin and early aging.

With the research and discovery of polypeptides, the magic function of polypeptides constantly refreshes our cognition.

The unique role of polypeptides in the quality of human life has attracted wide attention of biologists. In the fields of beauty and skin care, health care, drug treatment, life science, food additives and other fields, polypeptides have emerged.

We all know that proper nutrition and health care are very effective in delaying aging. In order to maintain normal physiological function, human body must have enough and proper nutrition.

Here is a brief introduction to the aging mechanism of human body. The essence of human aging is cell senescence and death, because human body is composed of cells.

Cell is the basic unit of biological organism, but cell senescence and death do not occur until the human body begins to appear aging, but from the embryonic development to the death of the body, all the time occurs, and cell proliferation also occurs constantly.

When the number of aging cells is more than the number of new cells, the human body shows aging. In any case, aging and death are irresistible laws of nature. However, under certain conditions, the progress of aging can be slowed down. (scientific statistics show that the epidermal cells of human skin need to be replaced about every 28 days.)

With the youthful vitality of cells, you have health, and you can enjoy beauty. Beauty is the performance of all health, and restoring the vitality of body cells is the cornerstone of all health.

Small molecular peptide peptide can activate cell activity, reverse aging, repair denatured cells, eliminate free radicals, promote nutrient absorption and eliminate metabolic waste, inhibit cell degeneration and enhance immunity.

The specific sequence of peptides has the following characteristics:

① Direct: no digestion, direct absorption, no increase of gastrointestinal burden; directly act on cell membrane, activate cell activity; also directly act on nucleus, repair gene, treat disease.

② Fast: fast absorption, active absorption, and other nutrients absorption; 100% absorption, no residue.

③ Comprehensive: comprehensively regulate and control the eight major systems of the human body, activate the cells of the eight systems to reach the optimal metabolic level, and make the human organs achieve the best operating mechanism.

④ Safety: extracted from natural substances, it is exactly the same as that secreted by human body itself, without any toxic and side effects on human body.

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