Chinese peptide company Biopharmaceutical industry seeks "new outlet" and invites Lanzhou, a big pharmaceutical figure, to "discuss Swords"

Lanzhou, September 21, China News (reporter nanru Zhuoma) “in the face of the new epidemic, biomedicine and life and health science and technology industry has become an anti epidemic weapon.

This epidemic situation also promotes all walks of life to re-examine the status and value of the medical and health industry.”

Rui Guozhong, vice president of China Association for technology entrepreneurship and Secretary General of Biomedical Park Development Alliance, said in Lanzhou that in the post epidemic era, the biomedical industry has ushered in a new development outlet.

From September 19 to 20, the fourth China Biomedical Park industrial innovation and Development Conference and the third Lanzhou independent innovation forum in 2020 were specifically organized by the Management Committee of Lanzhou high tech Zone.

Focusing on the national strategic needs of biology and health, the conference set up the keynote report of academicians and experts, the summit on innovation driven and high-quality development of Chinese biomedicine, and the roadshow of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and discussed the development of frontier technologies and industries such as innovative drugs, innovative traditional Chinese medicine, cell gene therapy, new vaccines, in vitro diagnosis, brain imaging and radiation diagnosis and treatment.

From nearly 100 parks, pharmaceutical enterprises, colleges and universities, investment institutions, innovation and entrepreneurship service institutions, as well as industry experts and enterprise elites, there are also international medicine (000516, 2013 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine, Randy scheckman, etc, Experts participated in the “cloud conference” through the Internet to share the latest research progress of their team in the field of medicine.

The industrial innovation and development conference of biomedical park is one of the main forums of Lanzhou science and Technology Expo. Photo by Yin Chunyong

The effect of Biomedical Innovation Industry Cluster

Zhang Mu, deputy director of the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology, disclosed that the total industrial output value of 169 biomedical enterprises in national high-tech zones reached 1.8 trillion yuan, and the operating income exceeded 2 trillion yuan, accounting for 8.1% and 5.8% of the total economic volume of the national high-tech zones, respectively.

A total of 919.2 billion yuan of biomedical enterprises were included in the national high tech Zone, including 570.6 billion high-tech enterprises and 219.2 billion yuan of enterprises with revenue over 100 million yuan.

Zhang Mu said that at present, the biomedical industry focuses on the National High-tech Zone, and has laid out 25 innovative biomedical industry clusters, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total number of clusters. The biomedical industry cluster has strong R & D strength, large industrial scale and sufficient development potential.

It is generally one of the pillar industries in the high-tech zone, and has become an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of various high-tech zones and the realization of high-quality development.

The conference aims to explore the new trends, changes and opportunities of biomedical industry in the post epidemic era. Photo by Yin Chunyong

Sun Yu, director of the Management Committee of Lanzhou high tech Zone, said that the biomedical industry is the first major industry of Lanzhou high tech Zone.

Relying on the advantages of Gansu’s biomedical resources, it will focus on the development direction of traditional Chinese medicine and natural drugs, chemical drugs, biological products, medical devices and cancer diagnosis and treatment, so as to build a multi-level innovation and success in life science research,

The transformation system will promote the characteristic, large-scale and cluster development of biomedical industry, gather more than 200 biomedical enterprises of various types, and achieve a total output value of 14.2 billion yuan in 2019.

During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, novel coronavirus pneumonia detection and kits were developed in Lanzhou hi tech Zone, and the major products and achievements of the new crown virus detection kit and the new crown virus of fish needle grass were introduced to the human body, which contributed “Lanzhou power” to the detection and treatment of the new crown pneumonia.

Wei Gu, director of the industrial cluster division of the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology, said that the overall development trend of China’s existing clusters is good.

The overall innovation ability of the biomedical innovative industrial clusters is increasing day by day, the industrial chain is relatively complete, and the innovation of new drugs is making rapid progress, which has played an important role in the domestic pharmaceutical and device clusters (parks).

However, there is still a large space for the growth of biomedical innovative industrial clusters. We should strive to overcome the key core technologies and enhance the industrial innovation ability.

Yuri freyevichmedani, laboratory director of the Institute of thermophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, delivered an online speech. Photo by Du Ping

Sharing the scientific research achievements of medical frontier technology

The causes of Parkinson’s disease, intelligent targeted tumor gene therapy drug platform, peptide innovative drug research and development, diabetes and hemophilia innovative drug development, neutron capture therapy cancer system, flow chemistry,

Chinese herbal DNA barcode identification system During the two days, experts and scholars, pharmaceutical enterprises, associations and other industry experts participated in the meeting to share achievements and make suggestions on biomedical innovation.

Xiao Guoqing, President of Lanzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, disclosed in his report development and application of heavy ion therapy technology that more than 4 million new cancer patients and more than 2 million deaths occur in China every year, and 80% of patients are in advanced stage when malignant tumor is found.

At present, there are six heavy ion cancer treatment devices in Gansu Province. China has independently innovated and completed the whole software solution of heavy ion radiotherapy, breaking the international monopoly of high-end medical devices.

It has been successfully applied to the clinical treatment of Wuwei demonstration device and has been in commercial operation. Since March this year, it has received patients and treated 100 patients with obvious curative effect.

“At present, there is no effective western medicine preparation for fatty liver disease. We found that Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi can directly act on the related proteins in fatty acid metabolism pathway from traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Further experiments have verified the lipid-lowering effect of Scutellaria baicalensis.”

Wang Chu, a professor at the school of chemistry and molecular engineering of Peking University, shared this information during his speech here.

Sharing the latest research progress of himself and his team, Randy shekman said that 20 gene loci that may lead to Parkinson’s disease have been found, and he hopes to clarify the cause of the disease from these directions that may affect the development of neurons.

“About 30% of Parkinson’s disease has dementia symptoms, which may be the result of the diffusion of Lewy bodies in the brain.” What has been achieved over the past decade, he said, is the discovery of a genetic form of Parkinson’s disease.

Jiang Yi, President of Kangning Reactor Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a report on “improving the quality and reducing the cost of micro channel continuous reaction technology and realizing the safe production of drugs” at the Symposium on mobile chemistry. Photo by Zhang Jing

Experts and scholars discuss “innovative traditional Chinese medicine”

“Tumors, metabolic diseases and other serious threats to human life safety, 90% of more than 4500 diseases have no drug to treat.” Chen Shilin, director of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, said that social development and changes in disease spectrum have brought about rigid demand for research and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

“The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has attracted worldwide attention. For example, artemisinin protects more than 14 million people from malaria every year.”

Yang Zhen, Dean of the school of chemistry and molecular engineering of Peking University, admitted that China is rich in important resources, but the research on traditional Chinese medicine needs to be strengthened.

Yang Zhen said that in the world’s $30 billion Chinese medicine market, South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries directly monopolized about 90% of the international market share, while China accounted for less than 5%.

In particular, Japan and South Korea imported large quantities of crude Chinese medicine raw materials from China, and after finishing processing into Chinese patent medicines, they occupied more than 80% of the global Chinese medicine market.

He believes that the research on the total synthesis of natural products with important biological functions is of great significance for accelerating the promotion of green processes such as micro channel reaction, breaking through the core green technology, cultivating high-quality innovative enterprises and creating an innovation platform.

On August 28, 2020, the third China (Gansu) traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Expo was opened in Longxi County, the “Millennium medicine town”. Zhong Nanshan communicated through the network cloud video and on-site communication. Photo by Zhang Jing

Director Chen Shilin also said that it is necessary to promote the innovation and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine by means of science and technology, and solve the confusion of traditional Chinese medicine varieties, so as to break the bottleneck of “going out” of Chinese patent medicine.

He suggested the establishment of a national gene database of traditional Chinese medicine, a national platform for breeding high-quality medicinal materials, and an integrated technology system for integrated prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of high-quality medicinal materials, develop big data and artificial intelligence of traditional Chinese medicine, issue technical standards and norms for quality improvement of high-quality traditional Chinese medicine,

establish a DNA strip code identification system for Chinese herbal medicine, and then implement objective identification, and increase investment in modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Shi Liqiang, vice president of China drug regulatory Research Association, said that in the post epidemic era, under the guidance of the concept of “healthy China”, the whole society has given more attention and capital support to the medical and health industry. Through strengthening pharmaceutical innovation and drug supervision, the level of industrial development will be improved, the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry will be promoted, and the safety and health of human life will be protected. (end)

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