Peptide bulk drug How about thymus method to enhance immunity

The disease should revolve around the whole process of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation (three-level prevention). It is also very important to prevent the attack of infectious diseases. Thymalfasin for Injection has excellent hormone regulation effect, which can avoid the inhibition of human immune system

  1. Thymalfasin for Injection is a new drug for the treatment of diffuse hepatitis B, it can also be used as a vaccine for patients with immune damage, and can also be used in patients with diffuse blood analysis.
  1. Thymalfasin for Injection is a traditional Chinese medicine preparation of thymosin, which has the effect of stimulating human immunity. It is used for subcutaneous tissue injection and muscle injection. Because the digestion and absorption of drugs are too fast, the effect of stimulating human immunity will be weakened, so it is better to carry out subcutaneous tissue injection.
  2. Thymalfasin for Injection is a new drug used to enhance immunity, generally more than 100, and it is to carry out freezing. It is given every other day, and the best long-term application is good. Thymosin α 1 can improve the immune function of patients.

common problem:

When the Thymalfasin for Injection is applied, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is allergic to its ingredients and skin, unless it is in a state of necessity, it is better not to apply it to pregnant women, because it is not clear whether it has an impact on the fetus.

What are the common problems of Thymalfasin for Injection?

When Thymalfasin for Injection is newly used to treat chronic hepatitis B, liver function test, including blood cell alt, human albumin and total bilirubin, should be evaluated regularly during the treatment period. After the treatment, hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg), surface antigen HBsAg, HBV-DNA and ALT enzyme should be tested. They should also be tested 2, 4 and 6 months after the treatment. Because patients may have a recovery within the follow-up period after the treatment 。 For patients under 18 years old, the safety factor and effectiveness of this product are not clear, so it is not recommended. Thymus method in the new basic research shows that this product has no effect on the small animal test tube embryo, but it is not established whether this product will affect the pregnant woman test tube embryo, and whether it is metabolized by milk. Therefore, some patients should be cautious and follow the doctor’s advice.

Before the new application of Thymalfasin for Injection, it is necessary to know whether the product is allergic to the ingredients of the skin. If the allergic symptoms are prohibited to use, the patients who have received immunosuppressive treatment, such as liver transplant, are also prohibited to use. Therefore, the product is best used under the specific guidance of the doctor. If patients go to the hospital for application, they should pay attention to the solution of injection equipment.

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