Why use peptides

Why use peptides

Types of active peptides

Immunoactive peptide, neuroactive peptide and other active peptide.

Other active peptides include: cholesterol peptide, peptide promoting mineral absorption (CPPS), enzyme regulator (such as tryptase peptide), hormone peptide such as growth hormone releasing factor (GRFs), albumin insulin synergistic peptide, antibacterial peptide (such as nisin and rubber), anticancer peptide (such as tumor necrosis factor, cyclohexanone), anti AIDS peptide (such as glq protein), etc.

Effect of polypeptide on human body

Active peptide mainly controls the growth, development, immune regulation and metabolism of the human body. It is in a state of balance in the human body. If the active peptide is reduced, the human body’s function will change significantly. For children, his growth and development will become slow or even stop. In a long time, dwarfism will be formed. For adults or the elderly, the lack of active peptides will lead to their own immunity Will decline, metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, causing a variety of diseases, such as insomnia, body weight loss or edema. Because the active peptide also acts on the nervous system, the human body will become sluggish, and the brain will no longer be intelligent. What’s more, the decrease of active peptide will directly cause the overall aging of various parts of the human body, leading to various diseases.

Secretory cycle

According to the amount of secreted active peptides, people’s whole life can be divided into: 1

① The period of adequate secretion (youth before the age of 25) is a period in which the endocrine quantity is balanced and the immune function is strong;

② In this period, if the secretion of active peptide is insufficient or unbalanced, there will be various related sub-health status and mild disease symptoms (common in people over 40 years old);

③ Secretory deficiency period (severe deficiency period) (middle-aged and old age over 50 years old) is a serious period. If the active peptide is seriously insufficient and seriously imbalanced, it may appear very prominent aging symptoms or cause various related diseases (especially in people over 50 years old);

④ The end of secretion period (aging period), this period is very short, because the “commander” active peptide, which controls the human endocrine, does not secrete or reduces the secretion, which leads to the decline of cell function, causes organ failure and loss, and finally leads to the end of life.

The importance of peptides

Many active substances in the human body are in the form of peptides. Peptides are involved in various fields of human hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproduction. Their importance lies in regulating the physiological functions of various systems and cells in the body, activating the relevant enzyme systems in the body, promoting the permeability of the intermediate metabolic membrane, or controlling DNA transcription or influencing specific protein synthesis to produce specific physiological effects. Peptide is an important substance involved in many cell functions in human body. Peptides can synthesize cells and regulate their functional activities. Peptides act as neurotransmitters in the human body to transmit information. Peptide can be used as a means of transport in the human body, which can transport various nutrients, vitamins, biotin, calcium and beneficial trace elements to human body to cells, organs and tissues. Peptide is an important physiological regulator of human body. It can comprehensively regulate human physiological function, enhance and play human physiological activity. It has important biological functions. Peptides are very important for human cell activity, functional activity and life existence. However, due to various factors, the peptide in the human body is lost and lost, and the ability to synthesize peptide is greatly weakened. Therefore, the modern human body is short of peptide, so we must supplement the synthetic peptide. The supplement of peptide is the supplement of activity, the supplement of peptide is the supplement of vitality, and the supplement of peptide is the supplement of life. (excerpt from the theory of enzymatic polypeptide by Professor Zou Yuandong, an expert in enzymatic polypeptide)

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