Shengnuo Biotechnology IPO: accumulating industrialization experience, further expanding and enriching product line

Chengdu Shengnuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Shengnuo Biotechnology) is a high-tech enterprise with the core technology of peptide synthesis and modification, with advanced and efficient peptide drug technology research and development and large-scale production capacity.

The company’s main business is independent research and development, production and sales of peptide API and preparation products with large market capacity and strong competitiveness at home and abroad. It has also won the titles of “national high-tech enterprise”, “Sichuan enterprise technology center” and “Chengdu peptide drug engineering technology research center”.

As one of the few domestic companies with the ability of peptide drug research and industrial transformation, Shengnuo Biotechnology  has rich technology accumulation in the field of chemical synthesis of peptides.

Through independent research and development, Shengnuo Biotechnology  has mastered a series of core technologies for large-scale production of peptide drugs, including: long chain peptide coupling technology, large-scale production technology of monosulfide peptide, synthesis technology of multi pair disulfide peptide,

fragment condensation technology, polyethylene glycol modification, fatty acid modification and other independent core technologies for peptide synthesis and modification. At present, the company has 25 invention patents (including one international patent).

In addition, the company also has a large number of non patented technology, mainly drug production formula and the corresponding production process.

At present, Shengnuo Biotechnology  has a modern automatic peptide synthesis and purification system, accumulated various key core technologies, and has many years of industrialization experience in the peptide field,

realizing 15 The products are exported to many countries and regions including the United States and the European Union, which can meet the needs of rapid, large-scale and high-quality peptide synthesis. At the same time, the production cost has great advantages, ensuring the competitiveness of the company in the industry.

Shengnuo Biotechnology  always adheres to the product innovation of chemical synthetic peptide drugs. After nearly 20 years of continuous development, the company’s main product lines cover digestive system, immune system diseases, anti-tumor, chronic hepatitis B, diabetes and obstetrics and other treatment fields.

It is one of the peptide drug manufacturers with complete product lines in China. In the foreign market, the company has 8 products of bivalirudin, etibatide, etibante, liraglutide, octreotide acetate, zikonotide, tripatide and ganerik, which have been registered in DMF of the United States (in active state).

In terms of domestic market, Shengnuo Biotechnology  has obtained 18 domestic drug registration approval numbers for polypeptide drugs, including 8 polypeptide APIs and 12 polypeptide preparation specifications.

It is the first imitator of two domestic preparations of enfovir peptide and carbetocin.

At present, the company is applying for registration approval of 11 products, there are more than 10 peptide drug products in the research and development stage, the company’s product line is expected to be further expanded and enriched in the future.

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