shengnuo biotechnology: The domestic peptide drug manufacturer with the whole industry chain layout broadcasts the article

shengnuo biotechnologytech has formed the main business of the production and sales of peptide APIs and preparations in parallel with peptide CDMO, and its products and services cover the complete development cycle of peptide drugs.

shengnuo biotechnology (688117.SH) is a high-tech enterprise with core peptide synthesis and modification technologies, with advanced and efficient peptide drug technology research and development and large-scale production capabilities.

The company independently develops, produces and sells peptide APIs and preparation products with large market capacity and strong competitiveness at home and abroad, while relying on its technical advantages in the field of peptide drug research and development and large-scale production, it is a domestic and foreign pharmaceutical company. Provide pharmaceutical research services, customized production services and technology transfer services for peptide innovative drugs, forming a main business of peptide APIs and preparations production and sales in parallel with peptide CDMO, and promote development through the mutual complementation of the two aspects of business, product and service coverage Complete development cycle of peptide drugs.

Global market competitor of peptide generic drugs

Revenue and performance continue to grow

In recent years, the global peptide drug market as a whole has been in an upswing period, and peptide drugs have also become an important direction for the research and development of new drugs at home and abroad.

According to QYResearch statistics, from 2010 to 2018, the compound annual growth rate of the global peptide drug market reached 8.17%. Compared with the global pharmaceutical market of approximately US$1.3 trillion in 2018, peptide drugs accounted for only the global pharmaceutical market. It is 2.19%, but the growth rate is about twice the latter, showing good growth and potential huge room for growth.

shengnuo biotechnology is one of the earliest established professional peptide drug manufacturers in China. After years of industrial development, the company has become one of the few domestic peptide drugs in the field of peptide drug development, production and sales of the entire industrial chain layout. One of the most powerful peptide drug synthesis and production technology platforms in China, and also one of the market competitors in the global regulated market peptide generic drug industry chain.

The booming global peptide drug market provides a stage for the growth of shengnuo biotechnology, and the company’s revenue and performance continue to grow. From 2017 to 2020, shengnuo biotechnology’s operating income was 194 million yuan, 278 million yuan, 327 million yuan, and 379 million yuan, respectively; net profits attributable to parent companies were 34 million yuan, 30 million yuan, 48 million yuan and 60 million yuan, respectively. Operating cash flow in the same period was 58 million yuan, 66 million yuan, 31 million yuan and 81 million yuan, respectively. The operating cash flow matched the company’s performance growth, and the business “hematopoiesis” ability was good.

The whole industry chain platform provides products and services

The number of CDMO projects ranks among the top in China

Through independent research and development, shengnuo biotechnology has mastered the core technology of peptide synthesis and modification, and successfully solved the technical bottleneck of the large-scale production of multiple peptide APIs.

As of June 30, 2021, the company and its subsidiaries have 43 authorized patents, including 32 invention patents, 9 utility model patents, and 2 international PTCs.

The process research and development and production capacity of peptide drugs are the main competitive advantages and business development foundation of shengnuo biotechnology. The company selects peptide generic drugs with large market capacity and strong market competitiveness at home and abroad for research and development, and has mastered 15 peptides. Large-scale production technology of various APIs. As of September 2019 data, among the top 30 peptide drugs sold globally, the company has obtained 6 US FDA activation records (ranking 9th in the world and 3rd in China), and the number is still increasing; It has obtained 7 varieties of peptide API approval documents or activation records, ranking second in the country; the company has successfully developed 7 varieties of peptide preparations, and obtained 11 domestic production approvals for different dosage forms, ranking among the top three in China.

Among them, enfuvirtide and carbetocin injection for injection of the company’s peptide preparation products are the first imitation peptide drugs in China, and liraglutide, bivalrudine, enfuvirtide and other generic APIs that are difficult to synthesize It has been exported to Europe, America, India, South Korea and other international markets.

shengnuo biotechnology currently has a full-process R&D pipeline and a full-industry chain platform for peptide APIs and preparations, and can provide full-chain customized production services for peptide innovative drugs and generic drugs, covering from drug discovery, preclinical research, to clinical trials and Complete drug development cycle for marketing.

shengnuo biotechnology’s reputation in the field of peptide APIs and rich process research and development experience has attracted a large number of customers engaged in the research and development of new peptide drugs, and entrusted the company to develop new peptide drug production processes, bringing a large number of innovative peptide drug pharmaceutical research services and peptides to the company Business opportunities for customized production services of similar products.

Since its establishment, the company has provided pharmaceutical research services for more than 30 first-class peptide innovative drug projects, and the number of projects ranks first in China. As a polypeptide CDMO platform, shengnuo biotechnology has played an important role in the development and industrialization of innovative peptide drugs in China.