Epidermal Growth Factor Substitute–Thirteen Peptide-1

Starting from January 2019, the State Food and Drug Administration has clearly stipulated: “EGF must not be used as a cosmetic raw material. Additions to formulas or products claiming to contain human oligopeptide-1 or EGF are illegal products.”

Thirteen peptide-1 is a highly active alternative raw material for EGF. It is a polypeptide composed of thirteen amino acids. It has the same activity and efficacy as EGF and can promote the body to produce endogenous EGF to play a role. Compared with EGF, Thirteen peptide-1 is more stable, safe and economical, and It can be used for legal record.

Efficacy and application

Thirteen peptide-1 can be used for anti-wrinkle, scar, and acne; improve skin texture; tighten skin, and can be used as facial care and body care for anti-aging; eye repair; face, neck and hand care products;

Mechanism of action

Thirteen peptide-1 promotes the production of new skin cells, reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinkles

Thirteen peptides-1 increase skin vitality and energy, brighten skin tone

Thirteen peptide-1 promotes the formation of new skin cells and reduces scars

Thirteen peptide-1 promotes cell growth, cell migration, cell survival and increased expression of extracellular matrix