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has passed the FDA certification of the United States, and has become a professional polypeptide drug and product development, technology transfer, technical services, large-scale production and export of peptide medicine industrial park.





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Polypeptide APIs Product LIST


Bivalirudin  Eptifibatide  Liraglutide  Icatibant Acetate  Octreotide Acetate  Teriparatide Acetate  Ziconotide Acetate  Lanreotide Acetate

Beauty polypeptide

Anti-aging whitening Anti-wrinkle Germinal class Allergy and inflammation UV resistant enhancement Eye bag removal whitening skin repair slimming and breast

polypeptide manufacturers

Research Peptide APIs

Linaclotide   Ganirelix  Degarelix  Exenatide   Teduglutide  Cetrorelix  Semaglutide 


Alarelin Acetate Angiotensin Acetate Argipressin Acetate Atosiban Acetate Trifluoro Acetate Cetrorelix Acetate Deslorelin Acetate Desmopressin Acetate Elcatonin Acetate Enfuvirtide Acetate Eptifibatide Acetate Exenatide Acetate GLP-1(7-36)

hot Selling Peptide APIs Products

Hot polypeptide APIs 
       AlarelinAcetateBivalirudinLevosimendan  Pramlintide Acetate
       Angiotensin AcetateEptifibatideEnfuvirtide  Salcitonin Acetate
  Argipressin AcetateLiraglutideBivalirudin  Terlipressin Acetate
  TrifluoroacetateIcatibant AcetateEptifibatide  Tetracosactide Acetate
  Deslorelin AcetateOctreotide AcetateLiraglutide  Triptorelin Acetate
  Desmopressin AcetateTeriparatide AcetateIcatibant Acetate  buserelin Acetate
  Elcatonin AcetateZiconotide AcetateOctreotide Acetate       Carbetocin
  Enfuvirtide AcetateLevosimendanLinaclotide       Atosiban
  GLP-1(7-36)Thymosin alpha1Ganirelix  Secretin Acetate
  Glucagon AcetateEnfuvirtideDegarelix  Sermorelin Acetate
  Gonadorelin AcetateOctreotide AcetateExenatide  Somatostatin Acetate
  Leuprorelin AcetateSomatostatinTeduglutide  CJC-1295
  Lysipressin AcetateThymopentinCetrorelix  Oxytocin Acetate
  Nesiritide AcetateSemaglutideMOG (35-55)  Ghrelin(Human) Acetate

New Arrivals Peptide APIs


Pro-Xylane is a xylose derivative with anti-aging active substances, which can promote the synthesis of collagen, make the skin stronger and more elastic, improve fine lines on the neck, and prevent aging.

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronic acid, is a normal substance in human skin tissue and can also be synthesized. When the human skin is dry, if there is a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid

Beauty Peptides

Cosmetic Raw Material; Anti-aging; Cosmetic Raw Material-Anti-aging Raw Material; Cosmetic peptides; content products; organic chemical raw materials; APIs; beauty peptide-pentapeptide;



polypeptide manufacturers

Chengdu Shengnuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in July 2001, is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. Its wholly-owned subsidiary is Chengdu shengnuo biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. From the initial registered capital of 1 million, to the current total assets of 250 million, the company has achieved sound and rapid development. With “Chengdu polypeptide drug engineering technology research center”, sinobio has passed the FDA certification of the United States, and has become a professional polypeptide drug and product development, technology transfer, technical services, large-scale production and export of peptide medicine industrial park.

The company participated in the national “Eleventh Five-Year” major new drug creation project “Key Technology Research on Peptide Chemical Modification and Industrial Scale Preparation”. The “Nesiritide, a new anti-heart failure drug” project funded by the National Technology Innovation Fund for SMEs has entered the clinical research stage.

What Makes Us Different?

Reassuring after-sales service

30-45 days after receipt of API, if there is any quality problem, negotiate to solve it If the product quality is refrigerated and sealed in accordance with our requirements, there will be no quality problem

7*8 hours online service

We can provide you the high quality products without quantity limited at a low price
A fast delivery time
Our products are meet the international standards ISO, CE Certification, quality and consistency for providing world class products and services to meet our customers’ requirements

Certified product

Our team of dedicated logistics experts ensure that they understand every requirement of our client and device a particle product delivery plan. No minimum order quantity A fast delivery time to solve the urgent needs of customers. Before shipping inspection to make sure the goods quality for customers

Professional and reliable cooperative team

If you have any problem while using our product, please contact with us at any time and we will answer within one hour and solve your problem as soon as possible


One-stop Polypeptide Synthesis

We try our best to provide “One-Stop Peptide Searching Center”, in order to offer the best products and services for customers all around the world.

polypeptide production Service

The building area

about 11,000 square meters

New equipment

more than 200

Polypeptide produces

1.5 tons of polypeptide API 400 million tablets (granules) of solid preparation 36 million bottles of freeze-dried powder injection and small-volume injection 5 million bottles of pre-filled injection 5 million bottles of card type injection

Customers reviews

Bivalirudin, liraglutide, thymofasin, icatibant, enfuvirtide and other generic APIs that are difficult to synthesize have been exported to Europe, America, India, South Korea and other international markets, and end customers include Fresenius Fresenius, Aurobindo, Mylan, Lupin, Xinlitai, Shanghai Pharmaceutical First Biochemical, Yangzijiang and other well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad
Adam Sendler
The industrialized research and development of five varieties of atosiban acetate, octreotide acetate, somatostatin, thymofasin and carbetocin were included in the "'Eleventh Five-Year' National Major New Drug Creation Project"; the company has submitted an application for drug registration The two preparations of icatibant and posaconazole were included in the "First Batch of Encouraged Generic Drugs Catalog" by the National Health and Medical Commission.
Mila Kunis
Gained a high reputation and recognition in the field of peptide drug R&D and production, and has provided pharmaceutical research and customized production services for more than 30 projects for new drug R&D companies and scientific research institutions such as Suzhou Paige Bio, Bio-Thera Bio, and Bajiayi. , of which 1 peptide innovative drug has been approved for marketing and entered the commercialization stage, 1 peptide innovative drug has been declared for production, and another 10 peptide innovative drugs have entered the clinical trial stage.
Mike Sendler


Most frequent questions and answers

GMP grade peptides, available for injection or oral administration.

We have registered with the US FDA, and 8 peptide products have submitted DMFs to the US FDA.

We do have Written confirmation (EU62) for the European market and other regions for some products ,it can replace the GMP certificate in some areas.

Yes, we have been inspected by US-FDA three times .We also have been inspected by KFDA and COFEPRIS.

We have the full and strong GMP quality system , accept the cFDA inspected from time to time .

We have the inner and outer quality verify system.

Annual customer’s Audit

has passed the FDA certification of the United States, and has become a professional polypeptide drug and product development, technology transfer, technical services, large-scale production and export of peptide medicine industrial park.

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