Grasp the development trend of global pharmaceutical industry, and actively integrate into domestic and international pharmaceutical industry chain by focusing on peptide pharmaceutical research and customized production services and peptide API products

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, shengnuo biotechnology is a high-tech enterprise with the core technology of peptide synthesis and modification.

It has advanced and efficient peptide drug technology research and development and large-scale production capacity.

Its main business includes providing pharmaceutical research, customized production services, independent research and development, production and marketing services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises Sales at home and abroad has a large market capacity and strong competitiveness of peptide generic raw materials and preparation products, as well as peptide drug production technology transfer services.

In addition, shengnuo biotechnology is also engaged in the processing of levosimendan preparations and the production and export of levosimendan raw materials.

It is understood that since its establishment, sinobio has always been engaged in the research and development of large-scale production technology of peptide drugs, and has accumulated a lot of experience We have advanced peptide synthesis and modification technology and experience, successfully developed a number of popular API varieties in domestic and foreign markets, and provided pharmaceutical research and customized production services to the outside world.

We have the largest number of peptide API varieties and foreign service projects in China. With its own advantages in peptide drug synthesis route design, process research and development, industrial chain platform and technical personnel experience.

It has successfully solved the technical bottleneck of large-scale production of several peptide API varieties

Long chain peptide coupling technology

Large scale production technology of peptide

Synthesis technology of multi-p-dithiocyclic peptide

PEGylation modification

Synthesis of fatty acid modified peptides

Independent core technology of decoration

shengnuo biotechnology has gained high popularity and recognition in the field of peptide drug R & D and production

  • It has provided pharmaceutical research and customized production services for more than 30 projects for new drug R & D enterprises and scientific research institutions, such as Paige biological, baaotai pharmaceutical, bajiayi, etc
  • One of them has been approved to enter the commercialization stage
  • Six peptide innovative drugs enter clinical trial stage
  • Sinobio selects peptide generic drugs with large market capacity and strong market competitiveness at home and abroad for research and development
  • We have mastered the large-scale production technology of 15 kinds of API
  • Seven of them have obtained production approval in China
  • 8 varieties have been registered in DMF (active state)
  • Seven kinds of peptide preparations have been developed and 11 production approval documents have been obtained in China
  • The products include immune system diseases, tumors, cardiovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis B, diabetes and obstetric diseases.

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