Enfuvirtide for injection

【Drug name】

Generic name:Enfuvirtide for injection

English name:Enfuvirtide for injection

Pinyin:Zhusheyong Enfuweitai【Ingredients】

Main ingredients:This article main ingredients for grace, wei peptide, chemical name: N – acetyl – cheese – Sue – silk – light – different light – group – silk – – different light – valley of amine – valley – silk – – day amine – glutamic – glutamic – valley of amine – lai – day – – glutamic – valley – light – light – valley – – day – lai – color – c – silk – light – color – day amine – color – benzedrine acyl amine.

Chemical name:

Molecular formula:

molecular weight:


This product is white or kind of white freeze-dried block or powder.【Indication】Enfovirin can be used in combination with other antiretroviral drugs to treat hiv-1 infected patients who still have hiv-1 virus replication after treatment with other antiretroviral drugs.

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    [usage and dosage]

    Enfuvirtide for injection

    Enfovir dipivoxil for injection should be dissolved in sterile water before use and then administered subcutaneously. If cannot be used immediately after dissolving, must be saved in 2-8 ℃ refrigerator, and use within 24 hours. Refrigerated solutions must be heated to room temperature before injection (for example, hold them for 5 minutes) and checked to ensure that the solution is completely dissolved without particles before injection.

    The recommended dose for adult patients to use enfovir dipivoxil for adult patients is 90mg each time, injected twice a day. The main injection location is the subcutaneous tissue of the upper arm, the front of the thigh or the abdomen. The site of each injection should be different from the previous one, and there was no local injection response at that time. Do not inject near the skin where the large nerve is out of shape and dense, such as the elbow, knee, groin or middle and lower buttocks. Avoid abnormal skin, including the surface of blood vessels, moles, scar tissue, bruising or umbilical cord. For more information on injection, see the enfovir peptide injection guide.

    Enfuvirtide for injection

    Due to the lack of data on pediatric patients, the recommended dose of enfovir dipivoxil for use in children under 6 years of age is not available. For patients aged 6 to 16 years, the recommended dose of enfovirin is 2mg/kg each time and the maximum dose is 90mg each time, twice a day. As admitted, enfovirin is injected into the subcutaneous tissue of the upper arm, the front of the thigh or the abdomen. The site of each injection should be different from the previous one, and there is no local injection response at that time. Table 1 is the weight based enfovir peptide medication guidelines,

    Weight should be measured regularly and the dose of enfovir peptide should be adjusted accordingly.

    Please refer to the product manual for details

    [production enterprise]

    Enfuvirtide for injection

    Company name: chengdu shengnuo biological pharmaceutical co., LTD

    Production address: dayi county, chengdu city, sichuan province industrial avenue section

    Zip code: 611330

    Telephone: 86-28-88203630

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