Atosiban Acetate Injection

【Drug name】

Generic name:Atosiban Acetate Injection

English name:Atosiban Acetate Injection


Main ingredients:Atosiban Acetate Injection

Chemical name:1-(3-mercaptopropionic acid) -2-(_-ethyl-D-tyrosine) -4-L-threonine-8-L-ornithine-oxytocin acetate

Molecular formula:C43H67N11O12S2·nC2H4O2

molecular weight:994.19·n60.02

Accessories:Mannitol, hydrochloric acid, water for injection【Character】

This product is colourless and clear liquid.【Indication】

Atoxiban is suitable for pregnant women with the following conditions in order to postpone the impending premature delivery:

– Regular uterine contractions of at least 30 seconds per time, more than 4 times per 30 minutes

– Cervical dilatation 1-3 cm (0-3 cm for non-pregnant women) and uterine softening/thinning (>50%)

– Age over 18

– 24 to 33 weeks of gestation

– Normal fetal heart rate

    Atosiban Acetate Injection Related information

    Atosiban Acetate Injection [Usage and dosage]

    Atoxiban must be used by a doctor with experience in the treatment of premature birth.

    There are three consecutive steps for intravenous administration of atroxiban: the first single dose of atroxiban acetate injection (0.9 ml/bottle) is 6.75 mg, followed by three consecutive hours of high-dose diluted atroxiban acetate injection (300 ug/min), followed by a low-dose diluted atroxiban acetate injection (100 ug/min) for 45 hours. Treatment should not exceed 48 hours. In a complete course of Atoxiban treatment, the total dose of Atoxiban should not exceed 330 mg. Once diagnosed as premature delivery, the first single dose intravenous infusion should be started as soon as possible. After the single dose of intravenous infusion is completed, intravenous drip therapy should be carried out. If there is persistent uterine contraction during atroxiban treatment, other treatments should be considered. For patients with renal and liver dysfunction, there is no data on dose adjustment. The following table lists the total doses of Atoxiban:

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