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1、 Related overview

2、 Sources of polypeptide drugs

3、 Varieties of polypeptide drugs

4、 Characteristics of polypeptide drugs

1、 Related overview

Polypeptide is a kind of compound formed by the connection of multiple amino acids through peptide bond, which is usually composed of 10-100 amino acid molecules. Its connection mode is the same as that of protein, and its relative molecular weight is less than 10000. Polypeptides are ubiquitous in organisms. Up to now, tens of thousands of polypeptides have been found in organisms. They are widely involved in and regulate the functional activities of various systems, organs, tissues and cells in the body, and play an important role in life activities.

In recent years, peptide drugs synthesized by modern biotechnology have become one of the hot spots in drug research and development. Because of their wide indications, high safety and significant efficacy, they have been widely used in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumor, hepatitis, diabetes, AIDS and other diseases, with broad development prospects [1].

2、 Sources of polypeptide drugs

Peptide drugs mainly come from endogenous peptides or other exogenous peptides.

Endogenous polypeptide

That is, the intrinsic endogenetic polypeptide of human body, such as enkephalin, thymosin, pancreatic polypeptide, etc.

Exogenous polypeptide

For example, snake venom, sialic acid, bee venom, frog venom, scorpion venom, hirudin, yuspirotoxin derivatives and bactericidal peptides secreted by flies, etc.

With the development of modern biotechnology and peptide synthesis technology, some active peptides can be obtained by computer molecular design and screening, and artificial synthesis.

3、 Varieties of polypeptide drugs

The polypeptide drugs listed earlier are mainly some polypeptide hormones, such as salmon calcitonin, somatostatin, human glucagon, oxytocin and so on [2]. With the development of new drugs, the development of peptide drugs has developed into various fields of disease prevention and treatment, such as anti-tumor peptide, anti-virus peptide, peptide vaccine, cytokine analog peptide, antibacterial active peptide, diagnostic peptide, weight-loss peptide, etc. [3].

4、 Characteristics of polypeptide drugs

Peptide is easy to be synthesized, modified and optimized, and its medicinal value can be determined quickly

Due to its own characteristics, the time from clinical trials to FDA approval of peptides is also much shorter than that of small molecule drugs, about 10 years on average. The probability of peptide passing clinical trials is twice as high as that of small molecular compounds. The specific advantages of polypeptide make it have specific advantages and clinical application value in drug development.

Peptide half-life is generally short and unstable

Peptide drugs are easy to be rapidly degraded in vivo. Peptide preparations need to be preserved at low temperature. However, the stability can be improved by modification or composition of stable compounds with other materials. Compared with macromolecular proteins or antibodies, polypeptides are more stable at room temperature, with less dosage and higher unit activity.

Compared with macromolecular protein, peptide chemical synthesis technology is mature

The polypeptide is easy to separate from impurities or by-products with high purity. However, the quality, purity and yield of recombinant protein are difficult to guarantee. At the same time, the production cycle is long and the cost is high. Polypeptides are generally cheaper than protein antibody drugs, but more expensive than many small molecule drugs. The synthesis cost of long-chain polypeptide will be higher, but with the progress of science and technology, the renewal of equipment and the improvement of technology, the synthesis cost and commercial cost of small molecular polypeptide have been greatly reduced, which is more suitable for clinical application and market development.

The biggest problem with peptide drugs is that they can’t be taken orally

It is mainly because it is easy to be degraded and difficult to pass through the intestinal mucosa. However, there are various alternative routes of administration such as subcutaneous injection and nasal injection.

Compared with small molecule drugs, some peptide drugs have less dosage, stronger selectivity, better specificity, better effect and less side effects.

Many small molecule compounds gather in specific organs of human body, and macromolecular proteins or antibodies will be absorbed by reticuloendothelial system and liver, inevitably leading to different degrees of side effects, some of which will be very serious. Peptides generally have no side effects or very little side effects. The main product of peptide degradation is amino acids, which are not accumulated in specific organs and tissues, and are easily removed from the body by liver and kidney. Therefore, there are almost no toxicological problems caused by foreign body metabolism. However, some of them may have side effects due to excessive dosage or inflammation or other reactions at the injection site due to injection.

Peptide lack of cell membrane permeability, affecting cell absorption

The molecular size, polarity, hydrophilicity and electricity of polypeptide make it difficult to cross cell membrane, physiological barrier or blood-brain barrier as small molecule. However, there are a group of cell penetrating peptides with strong cell membrane penetration, which are used as drug carriers to assist these drugs to pass through the cell membrane. At the same time, some polypeptides can be used as non-specific small molecule drug targeting vector, through the specific receptor on the cell surface to deliver the drug to the specific receptor specific target cells, such as tumor cells.

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